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TROMjaro ISO profile

Configuration to build latest TROMjaro ISO


Install the following packages


Download the latest TROMjaro Profile:

git clone https://git.trom.tf/TROMjaro/iso-profiles-settings

Choose where to clone/copy it. Let's name that path.

Build it

Before building it, we have to copy the /etc/manjaro-tools/ folder to the .config folder in the Home directory. So it will look like .config/manjaro-tools/

In that folder we have the file iso-profiles.conf. Make sure you add this to the file, to basically tell the ISO Tools where to get the profile files from: run_dir=path/iso-profiles/iso-profiles-settings

Replace path with the path where you have cloned our ISO Profile.

Lastly, open the terminal and do buildiso -p xfce

When the build process finishes successfully, the ISO file and the package list will appear in this folder:


Cleaning your hard drive

After a successful or failed build, you can get rid of most data (the "raw" ISO with all downloaded packages) by deleting this folder:

sudo rm -r /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/

To clean your system of packages files of packages not installed on your system (this includes all the package files downloaded for your custom ISO):

paccache -ruk0

You can also manually look into


and delete folders or files to your liking. If you want to delete all ISO images, package lists, and cached Xorg packages do:

sudo rm -r /var/cache/manjaro-tools/

Please remember that all these packages and files are saved for your convenience. If you clean your system like suggested above, you have to download all packages and build all images again the next time you want to build TROMjaro.

By default, your manjaro-tools.conf file is saved. If you want to delete it, use

rm -r ~/.config/manjaro-tools